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Cheap Designer Handbags

Finding cheap designer handbags has never been an easy task for the obvious reason that they are called "designer handbags" or "fashion handbags". This has however become somewhat easier with the help of the Internet and with a simple search you can locate and compare prices on hundreds of websites that sells cheap designer handbags.

When doing this research one must be cautious before buying or bidding for fashion handbags since there are literally hundreds if not thousands of fake designer handbags out there. Cheap designer handbags does not necessary equal to fake designer handbags but in determining whether a handbag is authentic one needs to do some research on how to spot this depending of the brand of the handbag whether this is Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton or some other fashion handbag.

Fake designer handbags can often be purchased for as little as $10 USD, which anyone with common sense should know that it is not authentic. Authentic designer handbags can cost anywhere from a couple hundred USD and up into the thousands. The best place to start is going to the designer handbags web site and compare pictures of what you are about to buy to the original version. Fashion handbags such as Gucci does have a very distinct design in both color, stitches and the logo which makes it hard for fake designer handbags manufacturers to copy 100 percent.

Having said that, many people still prefer to purchase fake designer handbags since they do after all look very close like the authentic version and can be found all over the internet or even at some local markets. If you are after authentic handbags that are also cheap the online auctions are a great place to start since you get to place a bid for the amount you are willing to pay. The auctions usually have a search function and keep in mind that how you search can yield different results. Searching for cheap designer handbags or "cheap designer handbags" in quotes will most likely give you different results. Play around with it using different words such as fashion handbags versus "fashion handbags" or Gucci handbags versus "Gucci handbags" and so forth.

It is very important to look at the feedback for the seller of the designer handbags to ensure they have a good reputation before making a purchase.